Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal – What You Should Know?

Understandably, removing wisdom teeth is a pretty big deal for most people but it’s a necessary and common procedure in order to protect the rest of your teeth. Often when wisdom teeth grow, they erupt perpendicularly to your adjacent teeth (your second molars). When this happens it can undermine them and cause damage. But not only that…when wisdom teeth grow sidewards, they can change a natural bite, create an area where food gets caught, and may bring about possible decay.

So why is wisdom teeth removal such a common procedure?

The simple fact is that for modern-day humans, wisdom teeth are no longer needed. They are in reality a throwback to a time before humans cooked their food and needed wisdom teeth as replacements for molars worn out by breaking down meat and coarse plant fibres. Over thousands of years of evolution, jaw shapes have changed and now more often than not, when wisdom teeth erupt, there is insufficient room for them to grow properly, hence the reason why they’re so problematic.

So if your dentist tells you that removing wisdom teeth is the best option to preserve your oral health, don’t worry because, it won’t affect your ability to chew and digest food; and with approximately 85% of all young adults undergoing this treatment, you’re certainly not alone!

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Wisdom teeth extraction – What you might expect?

Like the majority of dental visits, wisdom teeth removal usually starts with an exam. Here at Doncaster Supreme Dental we use the latest X-ray technology to gain a clearer picture of what’s going on with them. Even if you don’t have any teeth pain, our experienced team may suggest that wisdom teeth removal in Doncaster might well be the best option. This being the case an appointment will be scheduled for your troublesome teeth to be extracted. Depending upon the complexity of the case, it might be done chairside under local anaesthetic, or alternatively, in the local hospital under a general anesthetic.

Either way, removing wisdom teeth is a painless experience where you’ll either feel nothing at all if under a general anaesthetic or if you’ve been given a local anaesthetic, you might feel slight pressure as the tooth is pulled. Typically, the team will advise you to stop eating and drinking a few hours before the treatment, and the whole procedure from start to finish should take no longer than 1-2 hours. Once the tooth/teeth have been removed the gums may be stitched up, or gauze is placed over the area to promote clotting. This helps the site to heal quickly.

What about wisdom teeth extraction recovery?

The speed of your recovery can depend on any number of factors and in most cases it’s completely normal to experience some degree of pain and swelling after surgery. However, in the majority of cases any pain felt is usually brought under control using over-the-counter painkillers and antibiotics. While the area surrounding your wisdom teeth might be sore to the touch for a few days, typically any swelling or pain disappears after this time. In addition, our Doncaster dental team might suggest a diet of soft foods for a few days until you’re back to normal. If you’re experiencing problematic wisdom teeth, or have been told you need wisdom teeth extraction and want a second opinion, then come and pay Doncaster Supreme Dental a visit. Our caring team of dentists are dedicated to your oral care. Call us on (03) 9848 4989 for a consultation.

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