Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – Not As Scary As You Think

Ah yes – root canal treatment!

If there’s one procedure, aside from a tooth extraction that’s bound to strike fear into any dental patient, it’s a root canal procedure. Yet the truth is (and as with many other dental procedures) it isn’t anywhere near as bad as it sounds. In fact, you could look on a root canal specialist as a person who gets you out of pain. Not only that, the procedure itself creates minimal pain through using a small dose of anaesthetic. For these reasons, there’s no need to fear it.

So what is endodontic treatment and what does it entail?

Endodontic treatment is any procedure that is carried out inside the tooth. So you might need this type of treatment if the tooth has become badly damaged or cracked and/or the tooth pulp of the tooth has become infected. This can be very painful and is one of the reasons you might need a root canal. In Melbourne for example, there are many dentists offering this treatment and thankfully, good root canal therapy can give you years of pain-free use.

What’s the treatment involve?

During any type of semi-invasive treatment (and root canal procedures are no different) we’ll start by explaining the procedure to you. More often than not, once people understand what’s about to happen, they feel less nervous and more positive about their infected root canal.

After administering a local anaesthetic our dentist will…

  • Access the central part of your tooth where the pulp is situated. This is done by drilling down through the top of the crown to create channels.
  • Next, the infected pulp tissue is removed and each of the canals are thoroughly cleaned out to ensure no bacteria are left.
  • Then the entire area is disinfected and permanent tooth filling is applied to ensure no more bacteria can enter.
  • Finally, we’ll look to protect the tooth further by fitting a crown.

How painful is a root canal really?

Honestly? Patients shouldn’t feel any pain at all during the process and people who have undergone the treatment say that it’s really no worse than having a simple filling. What’s more, if the tooth is already infected and is causing you pain, then provided you seek the highest standards of root canal treatment, you’ll no longer feel discomfort when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold foods and beverages. This is usually with immediate effect. That said, for 1-2 days after, patients may feel slight sensitivity in the area of the tooth.

Signs you might be a candidate for endodontic treatment

So now you know what to expect from a root canal procedure, it’s worth taking a look at certain signs that might indicate when you need a root canal. They include:

  • A lingering or a nagging toothache that keeps you awake at night
  • Sudden tooth pain triggered by hot and/or cold foods
  • Swelling around the gum area which may contain blood or pus when pressed
  • A bad taste in the mouth emanating from a particular area
  • Pain in one area of the tooth that spreads to the jaw and/or head

If you have tooth pain and suspect that you might need root canal treatment in Melbourne, then come and talk to the Doncaster Supreme Dental team. We’ll work quickly to ensure that you’re out of pain fast with the highest standards of patient care in mind. Don’t delay, contact us on (03) 9848 4989 and put a stop your root canal problems fast.

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