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An Affordable Tooth Replacement Option

When it comes to missing tooth replacement, dental implants are a cut above the rest. Not only are they at the forefront of modern dentistry, they’re also a permanent solution to tooth loss. With flexible options, patients can replace one tooth, several teeth, or entire arches of missing teeth.

Of course, the biggest benefit of undergoing dental implants in Melbourne is that bringing a smile back to life using implant-based restorations can restore both function and confidence, and in many cases, dental implants can be life-changing. But let’s face it… that’s not really the issue!

With a ton of information widely available on the benefits of dental implants, perhaps convincing people that dental implants are the ‘best thing since sliced bread’ is the easy part. The harder part is the cost factor. The fact is that in many cases, dental implant cost remains a huge stumbling block for those looking to find the best solution for their missing teeth.

So is there such thing as affordable dental implants in Melbourne?

Well, that depends how you look at it! It’s true that in the short term, initial dental implant cost may be higher than if you were to opt for say a conventional bridge, crown, or denture. However, if you consider a long-term scenario, then it’s a different picture altogether.

Let’s explain…

Take a denture for instance – typically the shelf life of a conventional denture is somewhere between 5-10 years. As the shape of the jaw changes over time, eventually the denture will no longer fit snugly and no amount of fixative is going to hold it into position. This can lead to embarrassing denture slippage. For this reason, a new denture will need to be made.

Alternatively, because dental implants are anchored directly and permanently into the bone, they halt bone loss once and for all, and therefore – provided the restorations are cared for correctly, they can last for many years.

Dental Implants Box Hill

How many years?

It’s hard to say for sure, however we do know that the very first dental implant patient had their implants fitted in 1965 and they lasted until his death in 2006. So even if we take an average of 20 years for dental implants, that’s still somewhere between 2-4 times the longevity of any conventional denture. Suddenly when you look at the long-term picture, dental implants become a viable and affordable alternative.

Oh and don’t forget with dental implants, there’s no need to purchase cleaning solutions, fixatives, and dental soaks because once your dental implants are in position, the only products needed to keep them in good condition are toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss.

So why are dental implants initially expensive?

When the cost of a dental implant in Melbourne is discussed, the response usually goes something like “How does a small metal screw cost so much?”

They’re way more than just a metal screw!

It’s probably better to look at dental implants as the height of cutting-edge technology. They may be small, but when you consider that they not only have to fuse with your bone tissue but also support the bite force of a prosthetic tooth, (That’s somewhere between 100 -130 lbs per square inch by the way) they need to be engineered to perfection. As such, companies pour millions of dollars into research, designing, and testing and when you see one close up, you can see why.

At Doncaster Supreme Dental for example we use DIO dental implants. They utilise a fully digitalised, state-of-the-art process involving flapless surgery where no cutting or stitching is involved. This leads to minimal chair time and a faster recovery.

In addition to DIO Implants, we also offer our patients other brand leaders including:

  • Astra
  • Bio Horizon and
  • Straumann

To add to this, dental implants are made from titanium – YES – the same stuff that formula 1 cars and space rockets are made of! Titanium is lightweight, durable, biocompatible and has the ability to fuse with bone.

It’s all in the planning

Whether you opt for dental implants in one day or conventional implant restorations, there’s an awful lot that goes into the planning stages of the process, even before patients go chairside. This requires experience, time, and state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure that any implant placement procedure runs smoothly. Naturally, these costs must also be factored in.

So now you know why dental implants cost what they do, and you understand how they can fully restore not only full chewing capability but the aesthetics of your smile, then for the many hundreds of thousands of folk who have undergone dental implant restorations, it’s a cost worth bearing.

If you’d like to find out more about dental implants cost or how dental implants in Doncaster can help you, then give us a call today. The team at Doncaster Supreme Dental offer a number of payment plans, insurance options, and voucher schemes that enable you to easily cover the cost of any implant-based restoration. For a no-obligation consultation, call us on (03) 9848 4989.

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